Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is considered as one of the most effective and one of the most acknowledged ways of boosting the appeal of your home. The residential exterior painting can also make the first impression of your home tempting and appealing to your neighbours. You can now easily avail exterior painting services from professional exterior painting contractors. These outside house painters can help you to change the complete makeover of your home without any worries and hassle. 


All projects related to exterior house painting are generally customized with predefined specifications. Youmust choose a colour according to your vision. The selection of colour can be a difficult process and for that, you can also go for professional assistance. The goal is your satisfaction and for achieving this goal, you can also hire professional exterior painting contractors.  

The exterior house painting process

The complete process of exterior painting on your house, where you will enjoy comfortable living for years to come is given below: 

A. Proper estimation

The first and most critical step in this process is cost estimation before the start of the project. The professional painting contractors can help you in estimating the cost of a complete project. A proper estimation will help you to gather all the basic details about the exterior painting project. There is no doubt that every exterior painting project is unique so it is difficult to estimate the exact amount but still, a rough estimation will help you to preschedule all the basic work details.

B. Thorough preparation

The second critical step in the process of residential exterior painting is thorough preparation to ensure the highest quality of paint job. Washing off all the ssurfaces is considered as a critical step in this process, then the scrapping of loose paint and gaps filling with the help of chalk is also important to ensure the best possible job.

C. Exterior painting and cleaner process

The last step in this process after cleaning the surface is exterior painting for which you should always look for highly trained professionals. The selection of the highest quality paints is also very critical for a fine finish upon the completion of the whole project to ensure 100% satisfaction.

How to Properly Paint the exterior of your home

Some of the key features which your exterior painting services must include to have a proper and complete visual impact on the exterior of your home are listed below:

A. Preparation of your surface v

You may get tempted straight forward to the painting but the step that is more critical in exterior house painting services is the proper preparation of your surface. It is believed that 95% of good exterior painting services start from the good surface, which ultimately leads towards good painting. 


So, before painting the exterior of your home it is important to clean the surface either by using sprays or by washing with some powder. If you are painting your home within a short period, then a solution of chlorine bleach or a garden sprayer can be extremely effective for killing bacteria andalso for removing the dirt that old paints generally used to have.

B. Caulk and Patch

The second step is to seal any crack with the help of chalk not just on the walls but also on the windows and door frames as well. The ideal surface for painting is only possible if there is no crack in the wall or any other frame.

C. Take Time to Prime

To get the best out of your paint job, you should always look to prime with a quality sealer. The reason because of this is the higher resin content of the sealer that completely takes over the old paint and helps to lock everything in place for a good surface. For a newly constructed house, latex primer is highly recommended not just for vinyl but also for most of the wood sidings as well. 

D. Select high-quality exterior paint

If you are looking for the best possible exterior house painting services, then the selection of the highest quality exterior paint is extremely important. The paint which is 100 percent acrylic latex is always considered the best option for exterior painting. The three main components which your paints should have are pigments, binders, and solvents. These components always give your paint proper color along with pigments and most of all these solvents which makes the paint spreadable.

You can also determine the overall percentage of volume solids in any brand of paint just by checking the website of the manufacturer. The ones labelled as premium or super-premium are likely to be considered as paints with higher volume solids then the local brands.

E. Spray and Roll

The most effective way to achieve professional exterior painting services is possible with the help of spraying and back rolling. This method of painting generally requires two people where one helps to quickly spread the paint across the surface and the other one instantly follows behind by rolling over the paint. This process can be complex to achieve the best possible speed of sprayer and roller.Forthe protection of your windows, you can cover them with any kind of plastic or cloth.

F. Final touches

The last step in this process is to paint the doors according to your requirements to achieve the decorative details. For this, you can also use 6-inch hot dog rollers to get the paint job done as quickly as possible but that totally depends on the professional painting contractor and his approach.

As per estimation, a satisfactory paint job with top-notch quality of materials can give the exterior of your home the best possible look for as long as 10 years

Key things to keep in mind before painting the exterior of your home

The exterior painting services depend on the contractor which you are hiring for your house painting project. The painting process is considered as one of the largest home renovations and to get the best possible exterior paint job, some of the key things which you should always consider are given below:

  • Always plan exterior painting by keeping in mind the condition of the weather. The paint on the exterior of your home might not be able to adhere especially in the rainy season. So, consideration of weather is highly important before the start of an exterior painting project. 
  • The selection of the right colour is also something very important for having a fine finish on the exterior of your home. There are several consultation companies where you can easily consult about the choice of color. You are always free to choose any shade of the paint but sometimes one might get confused and that is why it is highly recommended to always consult your painter or contractor before the start of the project.
  • A professional house painter can mean the biggest difference between a beautiful home and a home full of frustration and repairs. Always look for professional painters and contractors, especially those who know their work. You can also look for companies where you can hire licensed painters. Make sure to meet the right person to save the extra cost.
  • Always look for quality over cost. You might get tempted towards a cheaper exterior paint to save the cost but for the longer run, you should always choose better quality over cost.
  • Sanding is extremely critical and is considered as one of the most important part which is critically included in the preparation work before the start of the exterior painting project. Your paint would not be able to adhere especially to the dirty and rough surface is, so it is extremely important to fully wash the exterior of your home to be free from sand. Also, don’t waste your time over the rotten siding. You paint won’t be able to stick especially to the rotten wood. The best possible way is to replace the rotten siding completely or you can also choose a hardener wood as well.